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So we’ve talked a fair bit recently about ways to make money. We have Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time, and Side Hustles to Earn an Extra $500 Every Month.

But those mostly look at longer-term ways to make money. What if you need to make money now? Like this weekend. And not just a few bucks, but enough to actually do something with. Like $100.

So that’s what we’re looking at today. Over 25 legit ways to make $100 this weekend. No long-term gigs, and nothing that starts slow.

Let’s do it!

25+ totally doable ways to make money this weekend

Get Selling

One of the best ways to make money this weekend is to sell, sell, sell! You probably have some stuff sitting around your place just waiting to be swapped for cash. Or maybe you could buy low and sell high this weekend…

1. Sell Your Clothing

There are plenty of ways to make money from your used – ahem, vintage – clothing. Ebay is the standard route. But you can also sell through Craig’s List or local consignment shops in your area. Plato’s Closet is also a great option for gently-used, brand-name clothing.

2. Sell Your Furniture

Craig’s List is to go-to for furniture sales to get local buyers who can pick up the furniture instead of trying to ship it.

3. Sell Collectibles and Other Crap

If you’re the collector type, you may be sitting on thousands of dollars. Ebay is most likely your best option, but also try Amazon.

4. Sell Your Gift Cards

Do you have a short stack of gift cards from 2 years ago? Guilty! You can sell them for cash on sites like Raise. You won’t get the full cash value, but even getting half the value in cash is better than keeping 100% on a gift card you’ll never use.

5. Sell Your hair

Long, untreated hair can fetch a good price in the real hair market. 12″ brunette hair just sold for $400 on!

6. Hold a Yard Sale

You could probably stand to get rid of some of the crap sitting around your house or in storage anyway, right?

7. Sell Water in High Traffic Areas or Near Events

Bottled water is like $4 at Las Vegas convenient stores and shops. I gladly paid a guy $2 for a sealed bottle out of his cooler on the walking bridge by Caesar’s Palace! He probably got a 24 pack for $4.99 at a grocery store, so he’s making $1.79 on every bottle he sells. Pretty brilliant, really.

8. Flea Market Flip

With a little time and creativity, you could up-cycle some flea market items (furniture does especially well) and flip them for a good profit.

25+ totally doable ways to make money this weekend

Provide a Service

Don’t have stuff to sell or a good place to sell it? Offering your services is one of our favorite ways to make money in a single weekend!

9. Drive with Uber

Weekends are a great time to make over $100 as an Uber Driver! Uber is the new designated driver, so if you live anywhere near a bar, club, or college, you’re close to some good fares!

10. Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit matches up people who need a job done with people who can do the job for a price. You can sign up as a Tasker and get to work earning extra cash this weekend.

11. Babysit

Ok, you probably won’t make $100 off a single babysitting gig this weekend. But if you can position yourself as the official sitter for an event, and watch a bunch of kids at once, you can totally clear $100 for a few hours of your time.

12. Pet-sit / dog-walk

Same goes for pet-sitting/dog-walking. One gig won’t cut it, but if you can get multiple clients over the weekend, $100 is totally doable. is a great place to get started.

13. Tutor

Tutoring is always in demand thanks to increased expectations of higher education. Parents want to give their kids an edge, and you could help them out while making money in the process! matches up qualified tutors with tutees. Sign up today to start earning this weekend.

14. Write

Are you a decent writer? Maybe consider writing content for blogs! At a rate of $0.10 per word, you can easily make $200 per post! I’ve made as much as $275 on a single post. Your best bet is to follow job boards (like to earn a fair rate.

15. Secret Shop

Secret shopping is like quality control for businesses. Businesses want to make sure their employees are providing top-level service. So they will actually pay to have people like you and me go in and “shop” to see how the employees handle questions and sales.

But these companies won’t hire secret shoppers directly. They’ll hire companies that specialize in secret shopping. You can start researching these companies through organizations like the Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition (IMSC), Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), or the International Association of Service Evaluators (IASE). So sign up with some of these secret shopping companies today to make money this weekend.

16. Seasonal labor

Enjoy the outdoors? How about offering your services for seasonal property care? Advertise snow shoveling in the winter, raking in the fall, planting in the spring, and mowing in the summer! You can post your service on Craig’s List or even neighborhood flyers, which might get you an in with your elderly neighbors who aren’t online, but are also most likely to need help with labor like this.

17. Participate in clinical trials is a good place to start browsing available clinical trials. Depending on the trial, you can make $100 or more!

25+ totally doable ways to make money this weekend

Provide an Experience

There are a few different ways to make money providing an experience to visitors in your city. These are awesome for “people” people. Make some new friends while earning $100 this weekend!

18. Provide a Local Tour

You probably know all about your city: the local hangouts, hidden gems, and stories behind your city landmarks. Tourists want to learn all about this from a local (yup, that’s you!).

Sites like Vayable and AirBnB Experiences give you the chance to show off your city and give your visitors the vacation experience of a lifetime! Use your specialized skills and get creative with your tours. Photographers can offer photo-op tours of the most instagramable locations. Athletes can provide sporting experiences like paddle board tours. Foodies can provide eating and drinking tours of the city’s best locals-only spots.

19. Street performance

I love street performers because they add a cool ambiance to a city. If you have an interesting performance skill (think music, art, or some kind of crazy human tricks act), set up shop in a high-traffic area and start making some money! Just do something interesting. Dressing up as a knock-off character for photos isn’t interesting 😉

20. Rent out a room

How about making new friends by renting out a room (or even just your couch!) on AirBnB?

25+ totally doable ways to make money this weekend

Take Advantage of Your Existing Assets

You may actually already have $100 hanging out in your existing assets. Cashing these in is one of the easiest ways to make $100 this weekend.

21. Return purchases

I have 6 things in my closet right now with the tags still on. You? Maybe we should go ahead and return them to get our money back so we can spend it on something more useful.

22. Collect on Debts

If you’ve lent someone money, now might be the time to collect.

23. Cash in your coins

No joke, I had over $120 in coins sitting in a Ziploc baggie in a desk drawer. Years of throwing spare change in the drawer has just gotten me over $100 this weekend!

24. Cash in your credit card rewards

If you’re not strategically using your credit card rewards program, you might not even realize that you have a good-size credit, ready for the taking. Apply that credit to your balance to free up your cash for something better!

25. Take on some overtime

Your existing job is an asset you can tap for extra cash this weekend. See if you can take on another shift or work a little overtime this week.

25+ totally doable ways to make money this weekend

Negotiate Bills and Debts to Free Up Cash

26. Negotiate your utility bills

Go through your utility bills (water, sewer, trash, gas, electric, cable, phone, and Internet). Call up your provider and let them know that you’re struggling to pay all your bills, and you’re wondering what can be done to get this bill as low as possible.

You’ll have more wiggle room with the “optional” services like cable, phone, and internet since you can legitimately threaten to cancel your service and go with a different provider. Anywhere you see a “fee” on your bill is an opportunity to ask for that fee to be waived “just this once”. You can immediately free up $100 with just a few phone calls. And if you’re really good, you might be able to reduce your bills going forward to save yourself money every month!

27. Refinance your student loans

You might be able to benefit from a student loan refinance. There are some specifics you’ll need to review, but it can easily be done in a weekend and can potentially save you over $100 every month. Check out our post on refinancing student loans to see if this is a good option for you.


And Ways NOT to Make Money

Before you run out and make your $100 this weekend, we want to remind you of a few ways NOT to make money.

Taking a payday loan: The interest rates on payday loans are stupid high. And you can easily get caught in a cycle of not being able to immediately pay off these loans until you owe more and more and more because you have to keep taking more loans. So not worth it!

Borrowing from friends or family: This just adds unnecessary guilt and tension to your relationships. And who needs that?

Taking a credit card cash advance: Kinda like payday loans, the interest rates for credit card cash advances make them super ugly and risky. Best to steer clear.

Borrowing from your retirement savings: There are only a few special circumstances where you can borrow from your retirement account without penalty fees and taxes (like buying your first home or paying for higher education). Even if you can take the money without penalties, you’re not just taking that money from yourself, your also robbing yourself of all potential future compound interest, which is a big mistake.

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